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Traditional IRA to Roth Conversion Calculator

Unsure if you should convert a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA? Use this calculator to figure out which option is likely to work better for your circumstances. This calculator makes a number of important assumptions:

For sake of simplicity the calculator also presumes a constant rate of return on investments & that your federal tax bracket will not change across any period.

The calculator does not account for state taxes or Alternative Minimum Tax (ATM). Please be sure to consult a qualified tax professional before making any changes to your existing retirement plan.

Entry Description Amount
Current age:
Retirement age (begin withdrawals):
Years to receive income:
Pre-retirement rate of return on investments (% before tax):
Post-retirement rate of return on investments (% before tax):
Current federal income tax bracket (%):
Federal income tax bracket during retirement (%):
Current IRA balance:
Non-deductable (pre-taxed) portion of current IRA balance:
Conversion tax will be paid from:
At Conversion Traditional IRA Roth IRA
Current deductible portion of IRA:
Non-deductible portion of current IRA:
Forgone investment amount used to pay conversion tax:
Conversion amount:
Conversion tax paid from IRA:
Comparison balance:
From Now Until Retirement Age Traditional IRA Roth IRA
Estimated deductible portion of balance:
Estimated non-deductible portion of balance:
Estimated of forgone investment value:
Estimated Roth IRA balance:
Estimated value at retirement:
During Retirement Traditional IRA Roth IRA
Annual after-tax income from deductible portion:
Annual after-tax income from non-deductible portion:
Annual forgone investment income:
Annual Roth IRA income:
Comparison Totals Traditional IRA Roth IRA
Total annual after-tax income:
Total monthly after-tax income:

Enjoy Your Savings & Your Retirement!

Please be sure to contact a financial advisor before making any major shifts to your retirement savings.

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